Berad® Yellow K 2140

Berad® Yellow K 2140

Short Description:

  • Brand Name : Berad® Yellow K 2140
  • C.I. No : P.Y.139
  • CAS No: 36888-99-0
  • Pigment Class : Isoindolinone Pigments
  • EINECS No : 253-256-2
  • Molecular Formula : C16H9N5O6


    Berad® Yellow K 2140 affords reddish yellow shade, exist variety particle size distribution types exhibit very good fastness to light and weather. It has high opacity. The opaque version can be used for conjunction with inorganic pigments for paint to replace chrome yellow pigments. It can be used as a replacement for diarylide and lead chromate pigments. It is potential reaction with alkaline additives can lead to discoloration and a reduction in properties.


    Berad® Yellow K 2140 is mainly used in industrial paints, coil coatings, powdercoatings, decorative solvent-based paints, decorative water-based paints, automotive OEM paints, textile printing, ink-jet inks, PA inks, PP inks, UV inks, offset inks, water-based inks. It is recommended for PP, PVC, EVA, PS, PC, RUB, fibre. Suggested for PBT, PA, PO.